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HMML Begins First Manuscript Preservation Project in Jerusalem

February 1, 2011
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Saint Mark’s Monastery in Jerusalem has a collection of over 350 manuscripts, most of them in Syriac, the most widely attested dialect of Aramaic. 

HMML has begun manuscript preservation work in Jerusalem. In January, work began at Dayro d-Mor Marqos, Saint Mark’s Monastery, a Syrian Orthodox monastery located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The site features a 12th century church and is by tradition believed to be the historic home of Mary, mother of Mark the Evangelist.The library at St. Marks contains over 350 manuscripts. HMML set up a digitization studio on the premises and trained a resident subdeacon to do the digitization work. Work is proceeding on the collection, which should be finished in a year or so.

HMML also retained the services of David Dahdal, the co-owner of a local computer business, to act as HMML’s field director in Jerusalem. The computer setup for the St. Mark’s project was performed by his company.  He will be supervising the work at St. Mark’s and assisting HMML in expanding our work in Jerusalem as more preservation opportunities present themselves.


Left: From the roof of St. Mark’s Monastery in Jerusalem, one can get panoramic views of the Old City, including the Dome of the Rock.