Dr. Bidur Bhattarai

Dr. Bidur Bhattarai

Director, Nepal Projects


Dr. Bidur Bhattarai

Dr. Bidur Bhattarai has been working with HMML as a director for the partnership project between HMML and the University of Hamburg, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) that is focused on safeguarding manuscripts in Nepal. A native of Nepal, he holds a BA in Indian Astronomy from Nepal Sanskrit University, Kathmandu, a MA in Indology from Philipps-University, Marburg, and a PhD from the University of Hamburg, both in Germany. Prior to his current post, Bhattarai held a variety of teaching and research positions with the Philipps-University and the University of Hamburg. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops.

In his current role, Bhattarai is the director for a project that is preserving, digitizing, and making accessible manuscripts from various archives and libraries in Nepal.

What he enjoys most about his work: “I’m motivated by the positive energy, the knowledge, and the professionalism among the people with whom I work. I come from a society that covers a long and significant tradition and history of written cultural heritage. To be able to save, preserve, and research is my passion.”

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