Cláudia Garradas

Cláudia Garradas

Site Director

Cláudia Garradas

Cláudia Garradas is the Site Director for HMML’s Malta Study Center, which was founded in 1973 to preserve and make accessible the written culture of Malta and the Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta (also known as the Order of Malta). She joined HMML in 2016 and lives and works in Malta. A native of Portugal, Garradas holds a BA degree in art history, a two-year specialization in museum studies, and a MA degree in museum studies, all from the University of Porto, in Portugal.

Before moving to Malta, she spent 16 years with the Fine Arts Museum of the University of Porto, where she held a number of curatorial positions, including head curator organizing exhibitions with the art collection, students, and guest artists and coordinating the documentation and cataloging of the collection.

With vast experience as a curator for paper-based collections and a particular interest in inventory, cataloging, and digitization processes, Garradas joined HMML to help organize the archival and manuscript collections of private archives and oversee the collection of field metadata to be used in the vHMML Reading Room. In her role, Garradas engages with a broad range of key cultural heritage-affiliated organizations in Malta, including major libraries, museums, and civic groups.

What she enjoys about her work: “The historical, political, and social developments on the island of Malta have produced documents and archival material that are unique and essential not only for the study of the Order of Malta but also for the study of the history of Europe, and its relations with the rest of the world. [The role] gives me a unique opportunity to be part of the team that studies, preserves, and disseminates this heritage. There is nothing more rewarding for a museum curator…”

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