Collections News (page 12)

Collections News (page 12)

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The metadata for 136 music manuscripts from the Immaculate Conception Church in Cospicua have been added to vHMML Reading Room. This important collection of music manuscripts includes works by Pietro Paolo Bugeja, Giuseppe Burlon, Salvatore Magrin, among other notable composers. You can see the collection in vHMML Reading Room. 

The metadata for 87 manuscripts from Durham University Library microfilmed by the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in the 1980s were added to vHMML Reading Room. These include two manuscripts from Saint Chad's College. Several of these manuscripts were also microfilmed in color. Durham University and the Durham Cathedral are digitizing several of their manuscripts, and we have linked to the digital facsimiles when they exist. View now

382 music manuscripts from the Archive of the Commissariat of the Holy Land in Valletta have been added to vHMML Reading Room. This important collection of music manuscripts includes works by Pietro Paolo Bugeja, Francesco Azopardi, Emanule Muscat, among other notable composers. You can see the collection in vHMML Reading Room. View now

vHMML Reading Room 3.0 is now available, including a new UI design and new search panel to match the vHMML Landing Page launched in August. Reading Room search is now located in the black bar, and both keyword and advance search options appear once you click and begin typing your keywords. The search saves after initiating your query, and remains at the top of the page to refine your results. The new blocks on the Reading Room landing page allow novice and expert users to quickly enter the collections using preset topics that will rotate. A featured collection will also be highlighted. New navigation to our checklist for Reading Room collections and un-cataloged collections are also highlighted on the page. A video introducing these changes can be see here

221 Music Manuscripts located in the Parish Archives of Birkirkara are now in vHMML Reading Room. These manuscripts include several early works by Maltese composers, including the 18th-century master composer Francesco Azopardi. vHMML Reading Room now has over 1500 music manuscripts from Malta that can be searched.

One volume of parish records microfilmed by the Malta Study Center for the Church of the Assumption (Gudja, Malta) is now available in vHMML Reading Room. Gudja parish church was built in 1656. The parish, identified then as Birmiftuh, dates back at least to 1436, when it was mentioned as one of ten parishes in Malta.

494 digitized manuscripts from the Syrian Orthodox Church, Archdiocese of Aleppo have been added to vHMML Reading Room. Several manuscripts have received cataloging metadata, but some manuscripts remain to be cataloged. This cataloging process will continue over the next several months, but all images are now available in Reading Room

Metadata from 162 manuscripts from St. Hugh’s Charterhouse (England) microfilmed by HMML during the 1980s has been added to vHMML Reading Room. This rich collection provides an important witness to Carthusian libraries in the Middle Ages

Records of the baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and charitable bequests of the Church of Apostle St. Bartholomew, Għargħur, Malta have been added to vHMML Reading Room. These records were microfilmed in the 1980s as part of the original Malta Manuscript Microfilm Project.

vHMML has added a News feed to the website. You can access vHMML News from the main landing page or from About in the header menu. vHMML News will provide updates about vHMML software development, new collections added to vHMML Reading Room, cataloging and project developments, and other important information regarding vHMML.

vHMML has a new landing page designed to help users find the diverse applications on the website to study manuscripts. The new landing page also has a new header, allowing easier access to the applications on the site. The new design also includes our new vHMML news feature so that you can follow updates on vHMML.

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