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Dabra Ḍaḥāy Qeddus Mārqos Church

Located 300 km northwest of Addis Ababa along the road to Gondar, Dabra Mārqos is the primary church in the eponymous town, which has been the most important in Gojjam for much of the past two centuries. Many of the manuscripts microfilmed by UNESCO in 1969-1970 were again digitized for EMDA, with a total of 118 discrete items represented between these two projects. Around 150 volumes are held by the church library.

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    Gojjam Province
  • Repository

    Dabra Ḍaḥāy Qeddus Mārqos Church
  • Project Codes

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    EMDA 00210-00321; UNESCO 6-1 - 6-28, 6-30 - 6-53
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  • Digital Surrogates

  • Date Preserved

    1969-1970, 2011
  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

  • Languages

    Arabic; Ge'ez; Coptic; Amharic
  • Bibliography

    Ministry of Education and Fine Arts, Catalogue of Manuscripts Microfilmed by the UNESCO Mobile Microfilm Unit in Addis Ababa and Gojjam Province (Addis Ababa, 1970)
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