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Stiftsarchiv und Stiftsbibliothek

At one time a foundation run by canons, the Stift Sankt Viktor was secularized in 1802. The materials filmed here include archival materials, documents (Urkunden), maps, and liturgical manuscripts. These date chiefly from the 12th to the 18th c.

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    Stiftsarchiv und Stiftsbibliothek
  • Project Codes

    Main Series
  • Project Numbers

    38501-38612; 38663-38665; 38694-38802
  • Type

  • Microfilm Reels

  • Date Preserved

  • Languages

    Latin; Low German
  • Reproduction Notes

    Some pages or decoration filmed also in color
  • Bibliography

    Günter Gattermann, ed., Handschriftencensus Rheinland: Erfassung mittelalterlicher Handschriften im rheinischen Landesteil von Nordrhein-Westfalen mit einem Inventar (1993).
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