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Chaldean Cathedral

Large collection of East Syriac, Arabic, and Garshuni manuscripts digitized in partnership with Centre Numérique des Manuscrits Orientaux (CNMO). One of the large collections of Syriac manuscripts in and around the city of Mardin, this one stands out by virtue of its Chaldean rather than Syriac Orthodox origin. Collection includes hagiographies, grammars, homilies, and a variety of other religious and secular literature.

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    Chaldean Cathedral
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    CCM 00001-00588
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  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

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    Armenian; Arabic; Greek; Syriac; Latin; Italian; Arabic Garshuni; Georgian; Turkish; Kurdish; French; English; Neo-Aramaic; Turkish Garshuni; Persian Garshuni
  • Bibliography

    Scher, Addai. “Notice sur les manuscrits syriaques et arabes conservés à l’archevêché chaldéen de Diarbékir.” Journal asiatique 10 (1907): 331-62, 385-431; Scher, Addai. "Notice des mss. syriaques et arabes conservés dans la bibliothèque de l’évêché chaldéen de Mardin." Revue des bibliothèques 18 (1908): 64-95; Vosté, I. “Notice sur les manuscrits syriaques de Diarbekir et autres localites d’Orient.” Le Muséon 50 (1937): 345-51.
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    In progress
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