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HMML has digitized over 240 items from its own collections, including c. 30 Western manuscripts (14th-19th c.), 42 Ethiopian manuscripts, over 50 manuscript fragments, 6 rare printed books, and the MacGregor colletion of 92 early modern legal documents on parchment. In addition to these items are also about 30-35 titles from the HMML main or reference collection.

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    HMML Special Collections
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    Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
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    Latin; English; German; Italian; French; Hebrew; Ge'ez; Syriac; Georgian; Armenian;
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HMML Rare Book and Manuscript Collection

Of the three collections of rare materials at Saint John’s University, the HMML rare book and manuscript collection is the smallest. However, it has also grown rapidly in recent years through donations. These books have either been given directly to the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library or have been purchased to support the mission of the library. Significant recent gifts include a 1632 edition of Shakespeare’s plays (the Second Folio), a 1542 edition of Chaucer’s works, as well as several early or first editions of major authors from early modern and Renaissance England (16th-18th c.). The MacGregor gift (2015) brought several new editions of classical Latin authors, dating from the 16th to the 18th c.

Closely related to the HMML Special Collections, but separately administered, is the rare book and manuscript collection of the Malta Study Center.

  • Printed books: facsimiles of manuscripts for teaching; Latin literature; English literature and history; Book of Common Prayer in 17th and 18th-c. editions
  • Incunabula: c. 10 books printed in the 15th c.
  • Manuscripts: 5 Books of Hours; Bethune Breviary/Missal; the Fesler Antiphonary; over 40 Ethiopian manuscripts; 12th-c. glossed Gospel of Matthew
  • Manuscript leaves (fragments): Latin, Arabic, Hebrew (in Samaritan script), Syriac, Georgian
  • MacGregor Collection: early printed works of Latin literature; general and critical editions of Latin and Greek literature (now in reference); Italian documents on parchment; microfilms of manuscripts containing works by Seneca
  • Julian G. Plante Collection: manuscripts, fragments and printed books donated by the former director of HMML; these include early modern manuscripts from Europe and Ethiopia, as well as early printed books.