Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Supporting the mission. Ensuring long-term stability and strength.


2023-2024 Executive Committee

Board Chair: Lyndel King, Minneapolis, MN
Vice Chair: Keyna Skeffington, Minneapolis, MN
Executive Director: Columba Stewart, Collegeville, MN
Nominating and Governance Committee Chair: Lucia Lahiff Crane, Edina, MN
Finance and Audit Committee Chair: Kathy M. Cooney, Bloomington, MN
Advancement Committee Chair: Charlie Kelley, Orono, MN
At-large Representative: Thomas Joyce, Minneapolis, MN
At-large Representative: Patricia Simmons, Saint Paul, MN
Saint John's University Appointed Representative: LeAnne Stewart, Fort Myers, FL

2023-2024 Board

Dusica Babovic-Vuksanovic, Rochester, MN
Catherine Shannon Ballman, Saint Paul, MN
Thomas Barrett, Minneapolis, MN
Albert J. Colianni, Jr., Minneapolis, MN
Kathy M. Cooney, Bloomington, MN
Lucia Lahiff Crane, Edina, MN
Judith Healey, Minneapolis, MN
Elliot J. Jaffee, Minneapolis, MN
Thomas Joyce, Minneapolis, MN
Charlie Kelley, Orono, MN
Steven Kennedy, Medina, MN
Lyndel King, Minneapolis, MN
Wendy Pradt Lougee, Golden Valley, MN
Rachel McGarry, Deephaven, MN
Joseph S. Micallef, Saint Paul, MN
Br. Dan Morgan, OSB, Collegeville, MN
Shelly Regan, Minneapolis, MN
Marc Robins, Minneapolis, MN
Mary Rohman, Santa Fe, NM
Tamrah Schaller O’Neil, Minneapolis, MN
Rachael Scherer, Minneapolis, MN
Sue Shepard, Sartell, MN
Patricia Simmons, Saint Paul, MN
Keyna Skeffington, Minneapolis, MN
LeAnne Stewart, Fort Myers, FL
Brad Wallin, Edina, MN
Corine Wegener, Alexandria, VA

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