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National and International Media

Author Stephen McCauley's new book tackles the complicated nature of family The Culture Show (March 4, 2024) More
Preservation of Ancient Manuscripts of Malabar; The Hill Museum of America and the Malaibar Foundation Join Hands SirajLive (February 5, 2024) More
Israeli Damage to Archives, Libraries, and Museums in Gaza, October 2023–January 2024 Librarians and Archivists with Palestine (February 2024) More
Rescuer of the Written Word The Commonweal Podcast (January 25, 2024) More
A ‘cultural genocide’: Which of Gaza’s heritage sites have been destroyed? Al Jazeera (January 14, 2024) More
What the violent destruction of a Muslim library in Bihar tells us about the troubling state of Islamic heritage in India The Art Newspaper (May 2, 2023) More
Shining a spotlight on East Africa's distinctive Islamic manuscript culture The New Arab (September 7, 2022) More
Guardians of Memory The Harper's Podcast (August 11, 2022) More
Guardians of Memory: The quest to save ancient manuscripts Harper's Magazine (August 2022) More
Rescuing History: Father Columba Stewart Ideas, CBC Radio (May 6, 2022) More
Digitising the Revolution Encore (December 2021–February 2022) More
Africa Is the Continent Without Climate Data Bloomberg (August 3, 2021) More
A Mission for Father Stewart Smithsonian Magazine (June 2021) More
Sikrer fortiden for ettertiden (Norwegian) Vi Menn (March 17, 2021) More
I monaci benedettini che salvano i manoscritti (Italian) Il Caffè (January 24, 2021) More
A Monk who Protects Books all over the World - BBX Podcast BBX Podcast (December 20, 2020) More
ll digitale salva le biblioteche di Gerusalemme (Italian) Terrasanta (June 23, 2020) More
The monk saving Timbuktu's treasures BBC (February 16, 2020) More
The Quran-rescuing monk of Timbuktu BBC Sounds (January 31, 2020) More
These are the monks who still preserve ancient texts around the world America - The Jesuit Review (December 27, 2019) More
A Benedictine Monk on a Mission: Unlocking the Past with a Digital Camera Interfaith Voices Radio (December 6, 2019) More
Monk Sees Ancient Manuscripts as Conduit to Contemporary Peacebuilding Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (November–December, 2019) More
This Minnesota Monk Saves Ancient Manuscripts for a Digital Age Christianity Today (November 22, 2019) More
Father Columba Stewart Honored for Dedication to Preserving Cultural Heritage Henry Luce Foundation (November 14, 2019) More
Cláudia Garradas, Site Director of the The Malta Study Center, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library 'Storja-Oġġett (An Object, and a Story)' Malta University Broadcasting, University of Malta, Campus FM 103.7 (Fall 2019) More
Father Columba Stewart on Digitizing Endangered Manuscripts, Provisional Metadata, and Hope Library Journal (October 16, 2019) More
This monk helped save ancient manuscripts from ISIS Aleteia (October 13, 2019) More
Benedictine estimates 70 million-plus pages of manuscripts digitized Catholic News Service (October 10, 2019) More
Cold War inspired manuscript collection effort led by Benedictine Catholic News Service (October 10, 2019) More
Becoming Columba Humanities Magazine (October 7, 2019) More
A Monk of the Secular Age - An Appreciation Humanities Magazine (October 7, 2019) More
From Saint Benedict to the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library Humanities Magazine (October 7, 2019) More
Father Columba Stewart Named the 2019 Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) (July 18, 2019) More
From Here to Timbuktu Harvard Magazine (January–February 2018) More
The men saving history from ISIS CBS News (December 24, 2017) More
El monje que planta cara al ISIS EL PAÍS (December 24, 2017) More
A race against time: manuscripts and digital preservation Smarthistory (December 14, 2017) More
Der Manuskriptjäger (November 4, 2017) More
Virtual Vellum The American Scholar (June 5, 2017) More
Saving ancient religious manuscripts from destruction Radio New Zealand (April 26, 2017) More
Benedictine monastery working to preserve ancient Islamic texts The World Today (March 27, 2017) More
This Benedictine Monk Travels The World Helping Preserve Centuries-Old Manuscripts, Cultural Heritage WBUR (March 13, 2017) More
The Monk Who Saves Manuscripts From ISIS The Atlantic (February 23, 2017) More
Extended Interview Fr. Columba Stewart OSB PBS (January 27, 2017) More
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library: Working to Preserve the Manuscript Heritage of Syria and Iraq American Society of Overseas Research (September 2015) More

Regional Media

Minnesota archivist saves Ukrainian documents from destruction MPR News (April 4, 2022) More
Museum series explores history and culture in Central Minnesota Brainerd Dispatch (January 11, 2022) More
Why Cultural Heritage Matters Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) (May 8, 2020) More
Why heritage matters St. Cloud Times (May 1, 2020) More
Benedictine monk honored for digitally preserving ancient manuscripts The Catholic Spirit (November 11, 2019) More
A Monk Who Travels the Globe Saving Manuscripts Almanac on TPT (October 11, 2019) More
Minnesota monk to deliver prestigious lecture in Washington MPR News (October 7, 2019) More
A Conversation with 2019 Jefferson Lecturer Father Columba Stewart Minnesota Humanities Center (October 3, 2019) More
Minnesota monk Columba Stewart rescues ancient manuscripts from modern threats StarTribune (January 7, 2018) More

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