Dr. Jeremy R. Brown

Dr. Jeremy R. Brown

Cataloger of Ethiopic Manuscripts


Dr. Jeremy R. Brown

Dr. Jeremy R. Brown joined the staff at HMML in 2023 as Cataloger of Ethiopic Manuscripts. Brown holds a BA in Biblical Studies from George Fox University in Oregon, a MA in Theological Studies from Portland Seminary in Oregon, and a PhD in Semitic Languages and Literatures from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining HMML, Brown was the Senior Researcher, Cataloger, & Translator for the Princeton Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Egyptian Miracles of Mary digital humanities project where he identified and translated miracles stories in manuscripts from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. He was also a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Semitic Languages and Literatures at the Catholic University of America, teaching courses on Geʻez, Syriac, and the history of the Christian Near East. He has presented at many conferences and has published widely, including The Hatata Inquiries published by De Gruyter.

At HMML, Brown catalogs Ethiopic manuscripts, especially those microfilmed as a part of the Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library collection.

What he enjoys most about his work: “Having the opportunity to be a part of the long legacy of cataloging Ethiopian manuscripts at HMML and helping to make these manuscripts more widely available to students, scholars, and readers throughout the world.”

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