192 Works Of Art From The Malta Maritime Museum Added To HMML Museum

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Malta Maritime Museum

192 works of art from the Malta Maritime Museum added to HMML Museum

Posted: 2022-03-01

192 works of art, including watercolors, drawings, prints, and maps from the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu, Malta, have been added to HMML Museum. The collection includes important watercolors by Nicolas Cammillieri and Paolo Ambrogio, and a near complete set of portraits of the Grand Masters of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem from the 1726 edition of René Aubert de Vertot's Histoire des chevaliers hospitaliers de S. Jean de Jerusalem. 33 maps, largely from the 17th century, are also found in the collection. The digitization of the art collection was done in partnership with Heritage Malta and forms part of the France and Malta in the Age of Revolution, 1775-1815 project. View now

Image caption: Malta Maritime Museum

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