211 Islamic Manuscripts From The Jāmiʻ Al ʻumarī Al Kabīr In Gaza Are Now Available In Reading Room

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Headpiece from a Qurʼan (OMM 00001)

211 Islamic manuscripts from the Jāmiʻ al-ʻUmarī al-Kabīr in Gaza are now available in Reading Room

Posted: 2022-08-08

The Great Mosque of Gaza (Jāmiʻ al-ʻUmarī al-Kabīr) is the largest and oldest mosque in the Gaza Strip, located in the Old City in Downtown Gaza, and it houses a unique collection of Islamic manuscripts and fragments. The Great Mosque has a long history of destruction and reconstruction that spans from the 7th century to its restoration in 1925 after it was severely damaged during World War I.

Many of these manuscripts were endowed to the Mosque by prominent Palestinian families after World War I; one (OMM 00006) was even returned to the collection in 1964 after it was stolen by a British soldier in 1917. The collection features solely Arabic manuscripts, including some nicely decorated copies of the Qur’an, as well as several treatises in the fields of theology, Islamic jurisprudence, Sufism, life of the Prophets, Arabic grammars, medicine, chemistry, literature, and poetry. View now

Image caption: Headpiece from a Qurʼan (OMM 00001)

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