219 Manuscripts From Gunda Gundē Monastery, In Tegrāy, Ethiopia, Are Now Active In Reading Room

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Miniature of Esṭifānos of Gunda Gundē, fol. 1v (GG 00002)

219 manuscripts from Gunda Gundē Monastery, in Tegrāy, Ethiopia, are now active in Reading Room

Posted: 2024-03-19

Cataloging is complete in Reading Room for the 219 manuscripts of Gunda Gundē Monastery in Ethiopia. The collection was photographed by Michael Gervers, Ewa Balicka-Witakowska, Jan Retsö, and Denis Nosnitsin in a partnership between HMML and University of Toronto Scarborough. Most of the collection is written in Geʻez. Earlier cataloging efforts on this collection include those by Antonio Mordini and Roger Schneider, and much more recently by Michael Gervers and Ewa Balicka-Witakowska.

The collection contains several of the earliest manuscripts of the Bible in Geʻez that still exist, such as a 13th-century manuscript of Sirach (GG 00202). There are also hagiographies and poems for the abbots of Gunda Gundē Monastery that exist nowhere else (GG 00018 and GG 00076). A final highlight is the distinctive art style of Gunda Gundē Monastery, which is presented in both its miniatures and its decorative headings known as ḥarags (for example, GG 00044 and GG 00002). View now

Image caption: Miniature of Esṭifānos of Gunda Gundē, fol. 1v (GG 00002)

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