231 Manuscripts From The Bibliothek Of Stift Lilienfeld Have Been Added To vHMML Reading Room

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Lilienfeld 4501

231 manuscripts from the Bibliothek of Stift Lilienfeld have been added to vHMML Reading Room

Posted: 2020-08-27

231 manuscripts from the library at the monastery of Lilienfeld (Austria) have been added to vHMML. This Cistercian monastery was founded in 1202 by Duke Leopold VI of Austria, who was buried on its grounds.  In part because abbots counseled the rulers of Austria, the abbey grew wealthy and powerful, leading to the foundation of the monastery library in the 13th century.  In the 14th century, the scriptorium reached new heights under the auspices of Abbot Ulrich von Lilienfeld.  The collection survived looting during the 1683 Ottoman siege of Vienna, closure of the monastery for one year in 1789 that resulted in the loss of many valuable works of art, and a major fire in 1810.  Supposedly, the presence of a famed Russian Bible saved the building from occupation by Soviet soldiers in 1945. Microfilmed by HMML in 1966, the collection includes the famous Concordantia caritatis of Abbot Ulrich, with its rich array of typological illustrations of Bible stories (Codex 151; HMML 4527); illustrated and glossed Bibles; works by Albertus Magnus, Aristotle, Bernard of Clairvaux, and Christanus of Lilienfeld; as well as several liturgical books and monastic works. View now

Image caption: Lilienfeld 4501

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