246 Manuscripts From Séminaire Sainte Anne De Jérusalem Have Been Added To Reading Room

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Floral illustration from an Arabic Euchologion, SAJL 00015

246 manuscripts from Séminaire Sainte-Anne de Jérusalem have been added to Reading Room

Posted: 2021-12-01

The seminary of St. Anne's, Jerusalem (SAJL) was established in the 19th century by the French as a part of the church under the same name. Its collection contains 246 manuscripts mostly in Arabic with a few in the Greek and French languages. Liturgy is the highlight of this collection: 91 out the 246 manuscripts are liturgical manuscripts. Although St. Anne’s seminary was a Greek Catholic seminary, they kept the Greek Orthodox liturgy in practice. Therefore, liturgical manuscripts in this collection are expressions of the Byzantine rite. See for example the Horologion (SAJL 00103), Euchologion (SAJL 00222), and Triodion (SAJL 00251).  There is also a significant collection of the writings of John of Damascus among the preserved texts. View now

Image caption: Floral illustration from an Arabic Euchologion, SAJL 00015

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