297 Manuscripts (divided Into 733 Projects) From The The Isʻāf Al Nashāshībī Center For Culture And Literature Have Been Added To HMML Reading Room

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Headpiece from DINL 00229 049

297 manuscripts (divided into 733 projects) from the the Isʻāf al-Nashāshībī Center for Culture and Literature have been added to HMML Reading Room

Posted: 2021-03-05

The Issaf Nashashibi Center in East Jerusalem (Isʻāf al-Nashāshībī Center for Culture and Literature, project code DINL) was established in 1982.  Its research library houses a collection of manuscripts which were mostly donated by the al-Ḥusaynī family, one of the most prominent Palestinian Arab families in Jerusalem.

This collection includes primarily texts on Ḥanafī law and Sufism, but also renowned works on Islam, Qur’anic sciences, Arabic literature and grammar. Perhaps the richest feature of this collection – and the most unexplored so far – resides in the short treatises that distinguish the majority of the composite manuscripts, in all subjects, from theology to natural sciences. The manuscripts of this collection are mostly in Arabic, with a few titles in Persian and Ottoman Turkish. View now

Image caption: Headpiece from DINL 00229 049

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