41 Objects From Graz. Zentralbibliothek Der Wiener Franziskanerprovinz (austria) Added To vHMML

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Graz Zentralbibliothek

41 objects from Graz. Zentralbibliothek der Wiener Franziskanerprovinz (Austria) added to vHMML

Posted: 2019-12-06

After World War II, the Franciscan province in Austria decided to collect many of its manuscripts from secularized and abandoned monasteries into one centralized library in Graz (capital city of Styria).  Most of these manuscripts are from the later Middle Ages (14th to 16th centuries) and are representative of Franciscan liturgical practice, as well as works on medicine, history, law and so on. HMML filmed 41 manuscripts at the Zentralbibliothek in the 1960s.

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Image caption: Graz Zentralbibliothek

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