51 Manuscripts From The Bibliothek Of The Theresianische Akademie Have Been Added To Reading Room

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51 manuscripts from the Bibliothek of the Theresianische Akademie have been added to Reading Room

Posted: 2020-11-10

51 manuscripts from the library of the Theresianische Akademie (Vienna, Austria) have been added to HMML Reading Room.  Founded in 1746 as an imperial academy by Empress Maria Theresa, this Jesuit institution closed temporarily in 1773 when Joseph II dissolved the religious order, transferring its original library elsewhere.  When it reopened in 1797, Imperial Councilor Josef Ritter von Sartori began accumulating a new library of largely medical, geographical, and ecclesiastical works, including the donation of his own volumes.  Acquisition of other private collections and closed monastery libraries, such as Mondsee, helped contribute to the library’s holdings.  The 51 Latin and German manuscripts included in Reading Room were microfilmed in 1979 on HMML's behalf by the microfilming office of the Austrian National Library.

Theresianische Akademie hosts an extremely important collection of fifteenth-century theological manuscripts, in addition to several medical and scientific manuscripts that include recipes and mathematical treatises. View now

Image caption: Initial from SEP THERESIANA 00002

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