73 Manuscripts From Al Ṭāhirah Syriac Orthodox Churches In Mosul, Iraq, Are Now Available In Reading Room

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Decorated title page for a Gospel lectionary

73 manuscripts from al-Ṭāhirah Syriac Orthodox churches in Mosul, Iraq, are now available in Reading Room

Posted: 2023-04-26

Cataloging has been updated and completed for the collections of two Syriac Orthodox churches in Mosul, both known as al-Ṭāhirah. 16 manuscripts were digitized from Kanīsat al-Ṭāhirah al-Khārijīyah (SOCTM), which is the older of the two churches, often referred to as the Upper al-Ṭāhirah or the Outer al-Ṭāhirah.  Kanīsat al-Ṭāhirah al-Dākhilīyah (SOCTQM) is located in the al-Qalʻah district, and 57 manuscripts from its collections have also been cataloged. The manuscripts of both collections are overwhelmingly liturgical in nature, reflecting the books most commonly used for liturgical services (Fenqithos, Lectionaries, etc.). Most of the manuscripts are written in Syriac, though some are in Arabic Garshuni.

The manuscripts from the SOCTQM collection tend to be more modern (18th-20th centuries), although there is at least one manuscript dated to 1607 (SOCTQM 00034 – a collection of prayers), while the SOCTM collection has several older manuscripts, including four from the 13th century, all likely copied by the same scribe. Several of the manuscripts originated from nearby villages (such as Qaraqosh) or from the famous Dayr Mār Mattā, a monastery outside of Mosul. These important manuscript collections attest to the significance and longevity of the Syriac Orthodox community in and around Mosul. View now , View now

Image caption: Decorated title page for a Gospel lectionary

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