Metadata For 18 Volumes Of The Archives Of The Order Of Malta, Series 16, Of The National Library Of Malta Have Been Added To vHMML Reading Room

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Series 16. Subseris 18. Priory of Portugal

Metadata for 18 volumes of the Archives of the Order of Malta, Series 16, of the National Library of Malta have been added to vHMML Reading Room

Posted: 2020-04-03

In 18 volumes. Records pertaining to the Langue of Castille, León, and Portugal, the Langue of Aragón, Catalunya, and Navarra, and the Langue of Germany of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta related to the controversies, management, estimation, measurement, and survey procedures of territories, properties, and goods. Records include lists of properties, correspondence, accounts, notarial documents, and other legal documents concerning controversies. Difference between title of the subseries and contents depends on the title recorded in the 1890 Repertorio at the National Library of Malta. View now

Image caption: Series 16. Subseris 18. Priory of Portugal

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