Metadata For 363 Manuscripts From The Bibliothek Of Stift Vorau Added To vHMML Reading Room

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Vorau 7313 John the Evangelist

Metadata for 363 manuscripts from the Bibliothek of Stift Vorau added to vHMML Reading Room

Posted: 2020-07-06

363 manuscripts from the Stift Vorau. Bibliothek, a monastery in Vorau, Austria, have been added to vHMML.  This monastery of Augustinian Canons Regular was founded in 1163 by Markgraf Ottokar III.  It hosted a noted scriptorium throughout the Middle Ages, and despite its capture during World War II, the monastery has retained its manuscript collection of largely Latin and German manuscripts.  Initially microfilmed in 1967, the collection includes theological and secular works, such as religious commentaries, hagiographies, historical works, and poetry. View now

Image caption: Vorau 7313 John the Evangelist

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