Metadata For 549 Manuscripts From The Bibliothek Of Stift Göttweig Added To vHMML Reading Room

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Göttweig 3811 - 15th century office of the dead

Metadata for 549 manuscripts from the Bibliothek of Stift Göttweig added to vHMML Reading Room

Posted: 2020-10-20

549 manuscripts from the library at the monastery of Stift Göttweig (Steinaweg, Austria) have been added to vHMML. This Benedictine abbey was founded in 1083 by Bishop Altmann of Passau, and a school for the sons of nobility flourished there during the Middle Ages. A 12th-century manuscript catalogue lists 55 codices, of which 46 still survive. The 549 manuscripts photographed for HMML date largely from the 11th to the 17th century, with two dated to the 9th century or earlier.  Stift Göttweig also saw the first in-person meeting, in 1966, of Father Oliver Kapsner and Dr. Julian Plante, the team that would lead HMML’s microfilming efforts for the next decades.

This monastic collection includes commentaries, sermons, hagiographies, correspondence, Bibles (and one Qur’an), and scientific, historical, and legal works, among others.  Latin and German texts make up the majority of the collection, but it also contains manuscripts in Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, and Hebrew. View now

Image caption: Göttweig 3811 - 15th century office of the dead

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