Metadata For 924 Manuscripts From The Library Of Erzabtei St. Peter Added To Reading Room

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Stained glass at Erzabtei Sankt Peter (Salzburg) (Photo taken in 2015)

Metadata for 924 manuscripts from the library of Erzabtei St. Peter added to Reading Room

Posted: 2021-11-15

When Father Oliver Kapsner, OSB, traveled to Austria in late 1964 to seek permission to microfilm monastic collections of manuscripts, he stopped first at the Archabbey of Saint Peter. Although the community at Saint Peter’s supported his mission, they did not sign an agreement at that time for HMML to microfilm their collection. He was able to return in January to March 1968, when he directed the microfilming of 924 monastic manuscripts.

This venerable Benedictine abbey, founded by Saint Rupert in 690, is the oldest monastery in western Europe to have carried on its work without interruption to the present day. Although many codices were lost to Paris, Vienna, and Munich during the turbulent years of the early 19th century, the renowned scriptorium of the monastery is still represented by some 1300 manuscripts, dating as early as the 8th and 9th centuries. Included among these are many Benedictine authors and history not represented elsewhere. View now

Image caption: Stained glass at Erzabtei Sankt Peter (Salzburg) (Photo taken in 2015)

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