Metadata From 33 Manuscripts At The Zisterzienserstift Schlierbach (cistercian Abbey), Austria Added To vHMML

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Zisterzienserstift Schlierbach

Metadata from 33 manuscripts at the Zisterzienserstift Schlierbach (Cistercian Abbey), Austria added to vHMML

Posted: 2019-09-11

Situated in the Krems valley about SO miles south of Linz, Schlierbach was first founded as a nunnery in 1355 by Count Eberhard V of Wallsee, governor of Upper Austria. The nuns came from the convent of Baindt in Wurttemberg (see the calendar from Baindt in MS 92). The poorly provided convent died out in 1554 as a consequence of the Reformation. Emperor Ferdinand II reestablished Schlierbach with Cistercian monks from Rein in 1620. The monastery has a library of 30,000 books including 176 MSS and 94 incunables. Perhaps the most remarkable MSS are the law books and chronicles which formed part of the rich Enenkel Library, inherited by Schlierbach after the death of the last family member, the humanist Job Hartmann Enenkel (1627). Other outstanding MSS are the 12th to 14th century New Testament (MS 15), the copy of Thomasin von Zerclaere's poem Der Welsche Gast (MS 28), and the architectural papers of Baron Widerraitel (MS 17).

Image caption: Zisterzienserstift Schlierbach

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