vHMML Launches New Reading Room 3.0 With Updated Search And Landing Page

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vHMML Reading Room

vHMML launches new Reading Room 3.0 with updated search and landing page

Posted: 2018-09-12

vHMML Reading Room 3.0 is now available, including a new UI design and new search panel to match the vHMML Landing Page launched in August. Reading Room search is now located in the black bar, and both keyword and advance search options appear once you click and begin typing your keywords. The search saves after initiating your query, and remains at the top of the page to refine your results. The new blocks on the Reading Room landing page allow novice and expert users to quickly enter the collections using preset topics that will rotate. A featured collection will also be highlighted. New navigation to our checklist for Reading Room collections and un-cataloged collections are also highlighted on the page. A video introducing these changes can be see here https://youtu.be/-VnpnuLp9ew

Image caption: vHMML Reading Room

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