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Benediktinerstift Lambach. Bibliothek

HMML filmed 406 manuscripts at this monastery, which was founded c. 1040 and later given to the Benedictines (1056). While still an important research collection, the library was forced to sell many manuscripts in the 20th c. The manuscripts preserved date from the 11th to the 16th c.

  • Collection

  • Country

  • City

    Lambach (Upper Austria)
  • Repository

    Benediktinerstift Lambach. Bibliothek
  • Project Codes

    Main Series
  • Project Numbers

    433-837; 3723; 3538
  • Type

  • Microfilm Reels

  • Date Preserved

  • Languages

    Latin; German; Greek
  • Bibliography

    Felix Resch, Handschriften-Katalog des Stiftes Lambach (handwritten, undated, 18th century).

    Augustin Rabensteiner, Handschriften-Katalog des Stiftes Lambach (handwritten, undated, 19th century).

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