Franjevački Samostan Duha Svetoga Fojnica. Arhiv: HMML Repository

Franjevački samostan Duha Svetoga Fojnica. Arhiv

This is the archive of Franjevački samostan Duha Svetoga Fojnica (Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit Fojnica), a Franciscan monastery in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The monastery's archive contains registers (of baptisms, deaths, confirmations and marriages), documents from the Ottoman period and the Austro-Hungarian period, and local histories of Fojnica and Catholics in Fojnica. It houses documents of special importance for both Franciscan and general Bosnian history, including about three thousand documents in the Turkish language and 156 documents in Bosnian, created between the 16th and 18th centuries. The archive holds the ahd-nama from 1463 (original document), by which the Sultan gives the Franciscans the freedom to stay and operate within the Empire, as well as the decree of Sultan Bayazit II from 1483, which protects the rights of Franciscans and Catholics, etc. The parish registers have been preserved since 1728. Work on the collection began already at the beginning of the 19th century, with the extraction of Turkish documents and their selective translation. A large part of the material was published by Josip Matasović (Fojnička regesta), mainly providing summaries of the content of individual documents.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Franjevački samostan Duha Svetoga Fojnica. Arhiv
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