Franjevački Samostan Sv. Katarine Kreševo. Arhiv: HMML Repository

Franjevački samostan sv. Katarine Kreševo. Arhiv

This monastic archive, kept by the Franjevački samostan sv. Katarine Kreševo (Franciscan Monastery of Saint Catharine), houses material primarily in Latin, Croatian, Turkish, and Bosnian Cyrillic, which include registers (of baptisms, deaths, confirmations and marriages) from 1765 onwards, documents from the Ottoman period and the Austro-Hungarian period, local history of Kreševo and Catholics in Kreševo, dictionaries, and books of folk remedies (ljekaruše). There is also a collection of copies and originals of important historical documents. The archive also contains 88 manuscript books, most of which are theological, but there are also philosophical, rhetorical, and grammatical books, as well as those from other sciences. Church and monastery accounts of income and expenses, inventories and lists of real estate, and accounts issued for the construction of the church and monastery also tell a lot about the life of the monastery. 27 volumes from physicians and collections of prescriptions have also been preserved, as have numerous Turkish documents issued to the monastery in various periods.

Western European
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Franjevački samostan sv. Katarine Kreševo. Arhiv
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Latin, Turkish (Ottoman), Bosnian, Croatian
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