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Universität Tübingen. Universitätsbibliothek

The collections at the University of Tubingen (founded in 1477) are among the most diverse linguistically and culturally of all those filmed by HMML during the Germany project. Of the roughly 1950 manuscripts, over 1500 are in languages from outside Europe--largely due to the research specializations of the university. These include large numbers of manuscripts in Arabic, Bengali, and Canarese. The collections are divided by shelf mark patterns: Ma (non-European languages); Mb (Greek); Mc (Latin); Md and Mh (German); Me (Germanic languages). The materials date from the 9th to the 20th c.

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    Universität Tübingen. Universitätsbibliothek
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    Main Series
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    40325; 40327; 41296-42965; 43058-43059; 45543; 52587
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    c. 1675
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    Latin; Arabic; Sanskrit; Armenian; Bengali; Oriya; Turkish; German; Malayalam; Persian; Greek; Ge'ez; Amharic; Canarese, and many languages in smaller numbers
  • Bibliography

    Hedwig Rockelein, Gerd Brinkhus, et al. Die lateinischen Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen (1991-2001).
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