Our Lady of Bzummār Convent - HMML Repository

Our Lady of Bzummār Convent

Primarily Armenian manuscripts from Our Lady of Bzoummâr Convent, consisting of religious literature including homilies. Arabic and other languages are represented sporadically, and especially rich in theological texts.

  • Collection

  • Country

  • City

  • Repository

    Our Lady of Bzummār Convent
  • Project Codes

    BzAn; BzAr; BzBz; BzEr; BzFr; BzSr; BzNr
  • Project Numbers

    BzAn 00424a-00682; BzAr 00001-00260; BzBz 00001-00422; BzEr 00001-00046; BzFr 00001-00004; BzSR 00001-00008; BzNc 00001-01038; BzNr 00001-00034
  • Type

  • Active Catalog Records

  • Digital Surrogates

  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

  • HMML Authority File

  • Languages

    Armenian, Arabic, Greek, Latin, Italian, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, French, Amharic
  • Preservation Status

  • Cataloging Status

    In progress
  • Yes

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