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Seo de Zaragoza. Biblioteca capitular

228 manuscripts dating from the 12th-17th century, including, but not limited to, legal, liturgical and scientific works in addition to correspondence and notarial records. The library includes and important collection of 17 Greek manuscripts.

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    Seo de Zaragoza. Biblioteca capitular
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    Main Series
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  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

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    Arabic; Greek; Latin; Italian; Hebrew; Spanish; Catalan; Aramaic
  • Related Collections

    Real Seminario de San Carlos de Zaragoza. Biblioteca
  • Bibliography

    Ángel Escobar Chico, Codices Caesaraugustani Graeci: catálogo de los manuscritos griegos de la Biblioteca Capitular de La Seo (Zaragoza) (1993).

    Paul Oskar Kristeller, Iter Italicum: Finding List of Uncatalogued or Incompletely Catalogued Humanistic Manuscripts of the Renaissance in Italian and other Libraries, 6 vols. (1963-1992), 4: 661-664.

    Julian Plante, Checklist of Manuscripts Microfilmed for the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, vol. 2, Spain, pt. 1 (1978).

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