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Stiftsarchiv Muri-Gries

HMML filmed ca. 130 manuscripts from the monastic archive of Muri-Gries at Sarnen, dating from the 11th to the 16th c. The collection holds many liturgical works and prayer books, as well as other monastic works.

  • Collection

  • Country

  • City

  • Repository

    Stiftsarchiv Muri-Gries
  • Project Codes

    Main Series
  • Project Numbers

    48830-48849; 48851; 48853-48963
  • Type

  • Microfilm Reels

  • Date Preserved

  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

  • Languages

    Latin; German; French
  • Bibliography

    Charlotte Bretscher-Gisiger and Rudolf Gamper, Katalog der mittelalterlichen Handschriften der Klöster Muri und Hermetschwil (2005).

    Albert Bruckner, Scriptoria medii aevi Helvetica, vol. 7 (1955).

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