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Church of the Forty Martyrs

Large collection of West Syriac, Arabic, and Garshuni manuscripts from the Church of the Forty Martyrs in Mardin. This collection is especially important because it contains most of the manuscripts formerly housed at the seat of the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate at Dayr Za‘farān. Collection includes liturgical books, hagiographies, apocrypha, homiliaries, and other religious and secular literature.

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    Church of the Forty Martyrs
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    CFMM 00001-01151, part nonsequential
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  • Digital Surrogates

  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

  • Languages

    Arabic; Greek; Syriac; Arabic Garshuni; Turkish; French; Coptic
  • Bibliography

    Dolabany, Filoksinos Yohanna. Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts in Za‘faran Monastery. 2 volumes. Aleppo: Mardin Publishing House, 1994.
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