Archivum Archiepiscopalis Melitensis: HMML Repository

Archivum Archiepiscopalis Melitensis

Over 700 volumes of the Archdiocese of Malta, including Gozo, dating from the 15th-20th century. Records include, but are not limited to, the Acta Civilia, pastoral visits, suppliche or petitions, parish records, benefici, Cocco Palmieri fonds, and cabrei.

Archivum Archiepiscopalis Melitensis
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Arthur Bonnici, "The Archiepiscopal Archives, Malta," Melita Historica 6/3 (1974): 307-312.

Joseph Busuttil, "Descriptive Handlist of the Archiepiscopal Archives, Floriana," Melita Historica 13 (2003): 421-423.

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The Malta Study Center microfilmed 771 volumes from the Archives of the Archdiocese of Malta (Archivum Archiepiscopalis Melitensis) in the 1970s and 1980s. The Archivum Archiepiscopalis Melitensis (AAM) contains the diocesan records produced by the bishops’ Secretariat and Curia from 1531 to 1898, along with some miscellaneous items dating from 1450 to 1928. The Center did not microfilm the complete archives. Related records can be found in the Cathedral Archives in Mdina and Diocesan Archives of Gozo.

Archivum Archiepiscopalis Melitensis

Acta Civilia, 1614-1854

In 199 volumes. The series Acta Civilia includes decrees, pious foundations, ecclesiastical appointments and resignations, and authorizations. Series includes 1 volume of miscellanea. Volumes 158 and 159 are missing.

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Benefici, 1531-1767

In 120 volumes. The series Benefici includes proceedings and documents for the conferment of benefices and pious bequests.

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Brevia et constitutiones apostolicae. Acta et epistulae secretariae episcopalis, 1541-1899

In 170 volumes. The series Brevia et constitutiones apostolicae includes papal letters sent to local ecclesiastical authorities as well as acta and letters of the bishops of Malta. Series includes one volume index. Volumes 115 and 116 are marked as Acta secretariae.

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Cabrei, 1678-1939

In 9 registers. The series Cabrei includes land surveys containing lists, plans and drawings of properties belonging to the diocese.

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Collazioni, 1642-1700

In 1 register. The series Collazioni registers the assignment of ecclesiastical benefices in Malta and Gozo parishes.

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Inventari, 1607-1725

In 7 boxes. The series Inventari includes detailed lists of the ecclesiastical furniture, vestments, and goods belonging to the churches of the Diocese.

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Melivetana, 1687-1756

In 30 volumes. The series Melivetana includes trials and proceedings concerning ecclesiastical bodies and individuals adjudicated in Rome, church administration, and privileges.

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In 10 registers. The series Miscellanea includes land surveys, legal records, indexes, notarial and church records concerning the activity of the diocese.

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Pubblicazioni matrimoniali, 1715-1898

In 29 volumes. The series Pubblicazioni matrimoniali includes marriage records related to the parishes of Malta.

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Registra Edictorum, 1635-1887

In 27 volumes. The series Registra Edictorum includes pastoral letters of the bishops of Malta.

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Registra Ordinationum, 1669-1884

In 14 volumes. The series Registra Ordinationum includes ordinations for the diocese and archdiocese of Malta.

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Registra Supplicationum, 1668-1899

In 142 volumes. The series Registra Supplicationum includes petitions and appeals sent to the bishops or vicars general. Series also contains genealogical records. Volumes 22-27 are missing.

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Repertoria Acta Civilia, 1665-1827

In 13 volumes. The series Repertoria Acta Civilia includes indexes of the series Acta Civilia.

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Status animarum, 1667-1805

In 32 boxes. The series Status animarum includes records registering people living in the Maltese and Gozo parishes.

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Visitationes apostolicae et pastorales, 1570-1897

In 58 volumes. The series Visitationes apostolicae et pastorales includes pastoral visitations by the bishops of Malta, vicar general, or chapter. Volumes 3-5 are copies of Pietro Dusina's 1575 apostolic visitation. Records also include four volumes containing inventories of church property, pious foundations, and other burdens administered by the church, and three volumes of miscellanea containing abstracts from other volumes.

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