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Archivum Cathedrale Gaudisiense

935 music manuscripts dating from the 18th-20th century were microfilmed during the 1980s, including the Gauci Music Collection. In 2020, the Malta Study Center digitized 19 volumes of parish records dating from 1554-1893, including 20th century indexes.

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    Archivum Cathedrale Gaudisiense
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    GZCA; Malta Series I
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    GZCA 00001-GZCA 00019; Malta Series I 7825-Malta Series I 8042 and Malta Series I 8191-Malta Series I 8223
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  • Microfilm Reels

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    1987-1988; 2020
  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

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  • Languages

    Latin, Italian, English, Maltese
  • Bibliography

    Noel D'Anastas, "The Music Archives at the Gozo Cathedral," in Guardians of Memory: Essays in Remembrance of Hella Jean Bartolo Winston, edited by Charles Farrugia, 51-73 (2008).

    Malta Parish Archives Project

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    In progress
  • Yes

935 music manuscripts from the Cathedral Museum Archives were microfilmed by the Malta Study Center during the 1980s. The collection is rich in Maltese and Gozitan music history, particulary 19th-century composers. The collection also includes 235 music manuscripts donated in 2004 August 14 by Monsignor Anton Gauci (1925-2013), Monsignor Joseph Gauci (1932-), and Monsignor Giovanni-Bosco Gauci (1938-2017), who jointly owned the collection. The manuscripts were microfilmed by the Malta Study Center as a private library during the 1980s. Composers include Francesco Azopardi, Pietro Paolo Bugeja, Vincenzo Bondi, Michele de Ferraris, Giorgio Mercieca, Vincenzo Napoleone Mifsud, Cesare Vassallo, among others.

Records of the baptisms, marriages, deaths and status animarum of the Catheral Parish Sacramental Registries, Victoria, Gozo, 1554-1893. Records include modern indexes

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