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Archivum Episcopale Gaudisiense

474 volumes from the Curia Provicariale and Curia Episcopalis fonds dating from the 16th-20th century. Not all series in the two fonds were microfilmed.

Archivum Episcopale Gaudisiense
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Joseph Bezzina, The Bishop’s Archives-Gozo a Descriptive Hand-List (1992).
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The Malta Study Center microfilmed 474 volumes from Archivum Episcopale Gaudiense in the 1970s and 1980s. The archives preserve records from 1554 onwards related to the activities of the bishop of Malta and the provicariate in Gozo. The bishop of Malta created a provicariate for the island of Gozo and Comino with its own curia, the curia Provicariale Insulae Gaudisii, until a separate curia was established in Gozo in 1864 with the establishment of the Diocese of Gozo. The archive is divided into two primary fonds: the Curia Provicariale and the Curia Episcopalis. The Malta Study Center did not microfilm Series 14 of the Curia Provicariale and only microfilmed Series 18 of the Curia Episcopalis.

Curia Provicariale

The Curia Provicariale Insulae Gaudisii (Provicarial Curia) fond includes documents concerning the activities and the jurisdiction of the provicariate, a small district depending on the bishop of Malta and acting as a tribunal in Gozo. Fond includes series.

Series 1, Acta Originalia, 1561-1864

In 156 volumes. Series Acta Originalia (AO) includes deliberations, trial records, contracts, and other legal records concerning the activities of the Curia in Gozo. Records are bound chronologically or by subject.

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Series 2, Bastardella, 1751-1864

In 5 volumes. Series Bastardella (BA), also known as Protocollum Actorum Originalium, includes notes and minutes of deliberations of the officials of the Curia concerning activities in Gozo.

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Series 3, Supplicationes, 1601-1822-

In 1 volume. Series Supplicationes (SU) includes original petitions presented to the provicar. The first is dated 9 April 1601. Additional petitions from Gozo are found in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Malta Suppliche section.

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Series 4, Conti Originali, 1617-

In 485 registers. Series Conti Originali (CO) includes administrative accounts of the churches, rural chapels, confraternities, and other ecclesiastical institutions in Gozo under the provicar’s jurisdiction. Registers 1 to 300 run from 4 August 1617 to 1980. Registers 451 to 470 oversized registers beginning in 1861. Records are not completely arranged in chronological order. An alphabetical index is available.

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Series 5, Mandati, 1777-1830

In 72 volumes. Series Mandati (MA) contains decrees issued by the provicar at the request of the procurators of ecclesiastical entities authorizing payments. The earliest record in the series is dated 20 October 1777.

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Series 6, Registrum Actorum Civilium, 1591-1825

In 23 volumes. Series Registrum Actorum Civilum (RA) contains provisions taken by the Curia, including decrees, pious foundations, ecclesiastical appointments, and authorizations. The earliest record is dated dated 9 September 1591.

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Series 7, Registrum Actorum Criminalium, 1773-1789

In 2 volumes. Series Registrum Actorum Criminalium (RB) contains summaries of criminal lawsuits brought to the Provicar and decided by him. There are also several documents related to the civil courts. The earliest record is dated 24 September 1773.

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Series 8, Registrum Caedularum Depositorum, 1635-1825

In 53 registers. Series Registrum Caedularum Depositorum (RC) includes accounts, legal documents, and church records recording the financial transactions at the provicarial court.

vHMML (first record) -

Series 9, Registrum Supplicationum, 1762-1855

In 2 registers. Series Registrum Supplicationum (RD) includes transcripts of petitions made by the provicar before forwarding the originals to the bishop at Malta. The first is dated 1 March 1762.

vHMML (first record) -

Series 10, Registrum Sententiarum, 1791-1824

In 3 registers. Series Registrum Sententiarum (RE) includes the proceedings together with the sentence delivered by the provicar in court to persons that fell within his sphere of jurisdiction. The first judgement is of 6 June 1791.

vHMML (first record) -

Series 11, Registrum Decisionum, 1822-1827

In 5 volumes. Series Registrum Decisionum (RF) contains decisions mostly taken by the provicar in matters pertaining to rents, emphyteusis, debts, mass legacies, and other problems of a financial matter. The earliest record is dated 12 January 1822.

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Series 12, Registrum Citationum, 1815-1824

In 1 register. Series Registrum Citationum (RG) contains copies of summons issued by the bishop or provicar obliging the parties to an action to appear before the Provicarial court. The earliest record is dated 14 June 1815.

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Series 13, Registrum Subastationum, 1820-1824

In 1 register. Series Registrum Subastationum (RH) contains decrees issued by the provicar authorizing persons falling under his jurisdiction to sell articles by auction to raise money to pay debts or to carry out urgent works. The earliest record is dated 28 November 1820.

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Series 15, Repertoria, 1758-1827

In 10 registers. Series Repertoria (RJ) contains indexes of some sections of the Curia Provicariale Archives. Indexes refers to the old organization of the Archives.

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Curia Episcopalis

The Curia Episcopalis fond includes documents concerning the activities of the bishop and the diocese in Gozo. Fond includes series.

Series 18, Visitationes Pastorales, 1575- ?

50 volumes containing reports drawn by bishops during such pastoral visitations since 1575. The reports of visits between 1687 and 1864 are located in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Malta, Valletta.

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