Palazzo Falson (mdina, Malta): HMML Repository

Palazzo Falson (Mdina, Malta)

Manuscripts, printed books, and archival materials from the Palazzo Falson Library, Museum, and Olof Frederick Gollcher archives containing records from the 16th-20th century.

Palazzo Falson (Mdina, Malta)
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The Palazzo Falson is the former home of Captain Olof Frederick Gollcher (1889-1962), the son of a prosperous shipping merchant of Swedish descent. Gollcher was an artist, scholar, and philanthropist, but also a discerning collector of objets d'art and historical objects. The Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum and the Malta Study Center signed an agreement to digitize over 100 manuscripts and rare Melitensia housed in the Palazzo Falson Museum and Library. The Malta Study Center also digitized the Olof Frederick Gollcher Archives. Over 60 boxes of archival records were digitized. The project began and ended in 2015.

Palazzo Falson Library

The Palazzo Falson Library contains books and manuscripts consisting mainly of historic works and literary works in various languages. Some highly valuable manuscripts can also be found in this collection, including medieval manuscript fragments bound with printed books. Gollcher's library includes a large Melitensia collection. Prominent among the collection are early manuscript statutes of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and the 1594 history of the Order by Giacomo Bosio.

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Palazzo Falson Museum

The Palazzo Falson Museum has a unique collection of over twenty-five rare manuscripts that remain on permanent exhibition as part of the museum collection. These valuable manuscripts include several large papal bulls with full lead seals in addition to large drawings of naval battles and sieges. Most remarkable are the gilded and illuminated manuscripts detailing the genealogy of prospective members of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

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Olof Frederick Gollcher Archives

The Olof Frederick Gollcher Archives consist of over 60 boxes of archival material dating from the seventeenth through the twentieth century. The records include rare materials and manuscripts acquired by Olof Gollcher and his family, in addition to records from his service in Malta during World War II, his work with international artists, the papers of the historian Major Henry Balbi, and records from International Institute of Mediterranean Archaeology. The OFGA collection can be viewed on-site at HMML only.

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