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Monestir de Sant Pere de les Puel·les

926 volumes of archival material and select liturgical and religious works dating from the 10th-20th century recording the lives of the women's Benedictine community. An important collection of public notarial records was incorprated into the monastery's archive and was microfilmed by HMML.

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    Monestir de Sant Pere de les Puel·les
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    Main Series
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  • HMML Reading Room (first record)

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    Latin; Spanish; Catalan
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    Multiple volumes microfilmed on a single reel
  • Bibliography

    Roser Pujol i Tort, "Arxiu del monestir de Sant Pere de Puel·les," in Guia dels arxius hostòrics de Catalunya, vol. 7 (1998), 63-72.

    Lluïsa Cases i Loscos, Catàleg dels protocols notarials de Barcelona. Vol. 2, altres arxius (1990), 439-448.

    Julian Plante, Checklist of Manuscripts Microfilmed for the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, vol. 2, Spain, pt. 1 (1978).

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