HMML Board Welcomes New Members, Elects New Chair

July 8, 2024
HMML Board Welcomes New Members, Elects New Chair

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) in Collegeville, Minnesota, has been photographing at-risk manuscripts since 1964.

Five new members have joined the 29-voting member HMML Board of Directors to serve three-year terms: Craig Dicker, Mark Dimunation, Patricia Hamm, Peter Lawyer, and Joe Rogers. In addition, Keyna Skeffington has been elected to serve a three-year term as the chair of the board. Skeffington, who served as the board’s vice chair, succeeds Lyndel King, who served as chair of the board from 2019–2024. King continues on the board and now chairs the board’s Advancement Committee.

HMML historically has been fortunate to attract people to the HMML Board who, first and foremost, place a high value on the humanities and appreciate the unique role that HMML plays in preserving cultural heritage. This incoming group of directors is no exception. They bring rich professional experiences in international relations, library sciences, human resources management, finance, strategy, and more.

Joining the HMML Board effective July 1, 2024, are:

  • Craig Dicker: consultant and writer of fiction and travel guides. Retired from the US Department of State after 27 years of responsibility for media relations, education, and cultural affairs at various embassies.
  • Mark Dimunation: retired former chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress, where he served for 25 years.
  • Patricia Hamm: owner, Ducks in a Row HR Consulting, focusing on change management, executive coaching, leadership development, and team building. Previously, Hamm held chief human resource officer roles across diverse industries from start-up to billion-dollar public companies.
  • Peter Lawyer: senior advisor and former senior partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group, where he has counseled international clients since 1989.
  • Joe Rogers: retired attorney and former director of external relations at HMML and director of the Center for Global Education at St. John’s University.

The experiences and perspectives of HMML’s new board members, combined with those of the current board, bodes well for HMML as we look to the future. The board remains committed to ensuring HMML’s continued leadership role in digitally preserving ancient manuscripts of diverse cultures at risk of being destroyed by war, disaster, looting, and neglect.


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