Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (hmml) Launches New Identity And Improved Website

October 5, 2020
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) Launches New Identity and Improved Website

COLLEGEVILLE, MINN., OCTOBER 5, 2020 - The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) at Saint John's University, an organization committed to the digital preservation and sharing of manuscripts held by communities worldwide, announced today the launch of its new brand identity, redesigned logo, and improved website. These changes come as HMML continues to evolve as a cultural heritage organization that utilizes technology to help preserve, interpret, and share the handwritten heritage of the past in order to inspire a deeper understanding of our present and future.

HMML name unifies all efforts

"Over the decades, many of our important audiences have familiarly referred to us as HMML (pronounced "HIM-EL"). Today, we move forward with that name at the center of our new brand identity. You 'll see the new HMML logo prominently displayed across all offerings, services, and communications, including our new website. This new, unified approach will make it easier for all audiences to see and understand the full breadth of our work," said HMML Executive Director Father Columba Stewart, OSB.

A key component of new identity system is a redesigned HMML logo and wordmark.

HMML logo

HMML wordmark

Yamamoto, an award winning, full-service brand agency, headquartered in Minneapolis. provided expert guidance to HMML during the brand identity development process. The new HMML logo is evocative of calligraphic script and symbols and emphasizes the organization's ongoing commitment to preserving handwritten heritage.

All of HMML's offerings, including its collections, museum, and online resources for scholars, research opportunities and fellowships, and public programming, will be identified using the new HMML logo and identity system.

One key change under the new, unified approach captures HMML's evolution into a fully digital organization. HMML previously identified its digital offerings under the banner of "vHMML." As HMML strives to provide all of its offerings in digital format, this distinction is no longer used, and all of HMML's services, collections, and programs now use the "HMML" name only.

Improved website offers new and expanded content

The newly-designed organizational website, hmml.org. features improved navigation capabilities and new and expanded content, so that all audiences can visit and find helpful information about HMML and its work. The new features make it easier to browse, search, and learn more about the manuscript collections that include more than 50 languages across faith traditions. The website also unifies previously separate, but related, sites into a single site to create a more seamless and unified user experience.

"The website architecture and design is very customizable, so we can make technology improvements and add meaningful content as we continue to learn more about how to best serve our partner communities, scholars, foundations, and individual donors," said HMML Director of Information Systems, John Meyerhofer, who served as project lead on the new website development effort.

Supporting reputation for leadership and innovation

"HMML is viewed by its global funders, peers, and partners as a heritage preservation leader and innovator. Continuing to invest in better tools and approaches to communicating with our important audiences is crit ical to maintaining our leadership position. Yes, we're evolving, but we're staying true to our mission of preserving and sharing the world's handwritten heritage," said Lyndel King, Chair of HMML's Board of Overseers.

About HMML

HMML (pronounced HIM-EL) began preserving manuscripts in 1965. In addition to its collection of over 300,000 imaged manuscripts, HMML holds the world's larg est collection of online resources for the study of manuscript cultures both East and West. A global organization, HMML is committed to advancing manuscript research and scholarly inquiry by digitally preserving, providing access to, and interpreting manuscript collections from around the world.


The new website (hmml.org) now offers a robust section of content for media outlets to make it easier to get information and resources on the organization. See https://hmml.org/about/media-resources/hmml-media/ for more on the News & Media Resources page.


John Meyerhofer
HMML Director of Information Systems
Email: jmeyerhof001@hmml.org

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