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HMML Journeys

Immersive travel experiences bring HMML’s global manuscript preservation work to life providing deeper perspectives, more intimate connections, and keener insights that only HMML can deliver.

Malta and Italy

A Historical Tapestry in the Mediterranean

Malta Maritime Museum Studio

Embark on a remarkable journey in the Mediterranean to experience the rich history of Malta and Italy through HMML preservation partnerships.

  • Explore how conversations and culture traveled for centuries through the Mediterranean by way of hidden and unknown pathways.
  • Speak with experts who will show you objects of major cultural importance and explain how digital preservation of these objects has changed their lives today and their own understanding of their culture.
  • Experience special access tours at museums, libraries, and churches, enjoying sites not seen by the public.

The journey begins on April 16, 2024, on the island Malta, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of HMML’s Malta Study Center, and follows historical pathways through Italy with stays in Rome, Siena, and Florence.

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Journey includes

  • Tour team: HMML Executive Director Dr. Columba Stewart, HMML Malta Study Center Director, Dr. Daniel K. Gullo, along with HMML global partners, and local guides.
  • Transfers: Private, deluxe motor coach for all transfers and tours; flight between Malta and Italy.
  • Food & drink: Breakfast; six dinners, including welcome and farewell dinners; and three lunches.
  • Accommodations: 4-star hotels.
  • Logistics: Baggage handling, gratuities, and taxes.
  • Activities/fees: Included for all sponsored activities.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024–Sunday, April 28, 2024
12 days, 12 nights
Estimated Cost
Land package only (including transfers listed above): $5535/person
Supplement for single accommodation: $1435
All other expenses are the responsibility of the participant.
Activity level
Strenuous; walking up to four miles some days; not wheelchair, scooter, or walker accessible.
Group size
20 participants maximum; reservations accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
$800/person due upon registration.
Contact Office Manager Linda Orzechowski,

Day 1 (April 16)
Arrive in Malta
Day 2 (April 17)
Behind the scenes tours of special collections and sites in Valletta. Welcome dinner at The Phoenicia. (B, D)
Day 3 (April 18)
Mdina (Cathedral archives, Banca giuratale and Palazzo Falson). Lunch at Trattoria AD 1530. Back to Valletta. (B, L)
Day 4 (April 19)
Morning in Valletta (Grand Master Palace, MUZA). Trip to Birgu by ferry in the afternoon and “Taste History” dinner at the Malta Maritime Museum. (B, D)
Day 5 (April 20)
Visits in Malta to noteworthy sites outside of Mdina and Valletta. (B)
Day 6 (April 21)
Arrive in Rome and travel to Rione Monti to visit the Palace and Church of the Knights of Malta at the Grillo. Light Lunch on the terrace. Transfer to hotel. Group dinner at Rione 13 in Trastevere. (B, L, D)
Day 7 (April 22)
Travel to Subiaco. Guided tour to the Monastery, Santa Scholastica Library and Colonna Archive (rare manuscripts of the Order). Lunch at a near restaurant. Back to Rome in the afternoon. (B, L)
Day 8 (April 23)
Travel to Caprarola to visit Palazzo Farnese (guided tour). Lunch at a near restaurant. Transfer after lunch to Siena. Afternoon and night free. (B,L)
Day 9 (April 24)
Visit to the Palace and Church of the Order (pending confirmation), Duomo church and Municipal Museums (all-included ticket). Dinner at the 5-stars hotel restaurant “Sapordivino”. (B, D)
Day 10 (April 25)
Depart Siena and transfer for morning walk to the town of San Gimignano. Arrive in Florence in the afternoon. (B)
Day 11 (April 26)
Special access visit to HMML Malta Study Center preservation projects in Florence. Transfer to Villa Le Corti in the afternoon for a guided tour of the villa, the Corsini Archive (Malta record), the vineyard and dinner at their restaurant. (B, D)
Day 12 (April 27)
Special access visits to HMML Malta Study Center preservation projects in Florence. Afternoon free. Closing dinner at a Tuscan restaurant. (B, D)
Day 13 (April 28)
Breakfast and departure. (B)
Note: Daily schedules may be adjusted as unique access and interview opportunities with HMML global preservation partners arise.

Past Itineraries

<a href='../../about/global-operations/malta/'>Malta</a> & <a href='../../about/global-operations/italy/'>Italy</a>
Malta & Italy (2024)
Celebrated the 50th anniversary of HMML’s Malta Study Center. Visited Malta and Italy with stays in Valletta, Rome, Siena, and Florence.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/Great%20Britain/'>Ireland</a> & <a href='../../about/global-operations/Great%20Britain/'>Scotland</a>
Ireland & Scotland (2022)
Followed in the footsteps of Saint Columba (c. 521-597) and the monks of Iona. Visited sites important in the history of manuscripts, monasticism, and politics in this region.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/india'>India</a> & <a href='../../about/global-operations/nepal'>Nepal</a>
India & Nepal (2019)
Toured the cultural and religious sites that highlighted the rich histories of the two intertwined countries and HMML’s current preservation projects.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/italy'>Sicily</a>
Sicily (2018)
Explored the heritage of the island whose location put it at the crossroads of history, a pawn of conquest, and a melting pot for a dozen or more ethnic groups.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/montenegro'>The Balkans</a>
The Balkans (2017)
Visited sites associated with HMML’s preservation work of endangered manuscripts resulting from centuries of war and political unrest.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/austria'>Austria</a>
Austria (2015)
Retraced the monastic path where HMML’s manuscript preservation work began in 1965.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/ethiopia'>Ethiopia</a>
Ethiopia (2014)
Visited the historic monasteries and libraries where HMML has helped preserve more than 10,000 written manuscripts that date back 1,500 years.
<a href='../../about/global-operations/malta'>Malta</a>
Malta (2013)
Explored the historic sites, libraries, and museums that hold the cultural heritage of Malta, an important focus for HMML since 1973.

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