Dr. Josh Mugler

Dr. Josh Mugler

Curator of Eastern Christian and Islamic Manuscripts


Dr. Josh Mugler

Dr. Josh Mugler joined HMML in 2018 as the Associate Cataloger for Arabic and Syriac manuscripts. In 2020 he was promoted to Curator of Islamic Manuscripts and in 2022 became the Curator of Eastern Christian and Islamic Manuscripts. Mugler holds degrees from Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee and the Divinity School of Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. In 2019, he earned his PhD in Theological and Religious Studies from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Mugler has presented at numerous conferences across the U.S. and internationally, and he has published widely. Prior to joining HMML, Mugler taught at Georgetown University and worked as an assistant to the Study of Religions across Civilizations program, which promoted the exchange of U.S.-based and Moroccan-based scholars.

At HMML, Mugler catalogs Eastern Christian and Islamic manuscripts and leads a team of catalogers assigned to these collections. The team works collaboratively across religious and linguistic boundaries to discover connections throughout the manuscript heritage of these diverse communities.

What he enjoys most about his work: “I love having the opportunity to participate in a project that preserves the endangered cultural heritage of communities around the world and makes them available online for both scholars and members of those communities at no cost. I feel very connected to people from centuries ago as I read their handwritten notes on the pages of their manuscripts.”

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