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A Man for All Seasonings January 20, 2022 Read
The Case of the Mysterious Pie and the Amsterdam Theater January 6, 2022 Read
The Travels of the Ebony Horse December 23, 2021 Read
Arabian Nights of the Christian East December 20, 2021 Read
Want to Marry the Princess? Know thy Bible! December 9, 2021 Read
The Story of the Talking Camel and the Exploits of Ali Genre in West Africa November 25, 2021 Read
Parabiblical Literature in the Horn of Africa November 11, 2021 Read
Tracing Folktales in Magic Texts – The Story of Umm al-Ṣibyān October 28, 2021 Read
Grave Tales, Engraved (and Etched) October 14, 2021 Read
Ottoman Soap Operas and Other Stories September 30, 2021 Read
The Book of Laughable Stories - A Medieval Joke Book September 16, 2021 Read
Malta Envisioned by an English Clergyman September 2, 2021 Read
Travelers and Texts Crossing the Sahara August 19, 2021 Read
The Journey of One Armenian Manuscript August 5, 2021 Read
When in Rome... July 22, 2021 Read
Protecting Travelers and Maritime Contacts in the Eighteenth-Century Mediterranean July 8, 2021 Read
From Cairo to Mardin, Manuscripts on Camelback June 24, 2021 Read
Traveling to France on Paper June 10, 2021 Read
Crossing the Red Sea in the 1640s May 27, 2021 Read
Medicine, Ritual, and Magic in Ethiopia May 13, 2021 Read
Quarantine in Malta, a Print of the Lazaretto from the Mużew Nazzjonali tal-Arti April 29, 2021 Read
Medical Texts From Timbuktu - Local Pharmacological Remedies with Qur’anic Verses April 15, 2021 Read
An Anonymous Syriac Medical Compendium March 31, 2021 Read
A Tale of Two Herbals, From Medicine to Food in the 16th Century March 17, 2021 Read
Accounts on Plague and Infectious Diseases from Three Arabic Manuscripts March 4, 2021 Read
Remedies in the Margins of Syriac Manuscripts February 18, 2021 Read
Medical Care for the Enslaved Mustafa Osmon in 18th-Century Valletta, Malta February 4, 2021 Read

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