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HMML Stories - Preservation Projects

New Scanner is a Quantum Leap for Digitizing Microfilm at HMML January 10, 2022 Read
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) Creates New Database to Assist Scholars of Understudied Manuscript Traditions October 4, 2021 Read
The Emperor’s Manuscript September 11, 2021 Read
Four Family Libraries in Jerusalem September 9, 2021 Read
Where We’re Working - The Balkans August 26, 2021 Read
Multispectral Imaging Tests at HMML August 23, 2021 Read
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) Receives $5 Million Grant From Arcadia August 3, 2021 Read
Creating Cataloging Standards for Regional Names February 11, 2021 Read
Where We’re Working - Dayr Anbā Maqār, Egypt January 22, 2021 Read
The Power of a Name December 26, 2020 Read
Digitization of the Lettere consolari fonds at the Cathedral Archives, Mdina, Now Completed October 13, 2020 Read
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library completes digital cataloging of Khalidi Library’s manuscript collection August 24, 2020 Read
Digitization of the Archives of the Archconfraternity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Completed June 30, 2020 Read
Advanced Imaging Data for HMML Palimpsest Project Hosted on OPenn June 4, 2020 Read
New Preservation Projects - HMML Looks to the Future May 22, 2020 Read
Ancient Writing Revealed During HMML Palimpsest Imaging at Stanford's SLAC Lab February 21, 2020 Read
HMML Fieldwork - Fr. Columba Travels to Mali, Renews Agreement January 31, 2020 Read
HMML Receives $1.4 Million NEH Grant to Preserve and Share Manuscript Heritage January 21, 2020 Read
Where We're Working - The Pontificio Collegio Armeno, Rome December 1, 2019 Read
Where We're Working - Missionary Society of Saint Paul, Harissa, Lebanon July 15, 2019 Read
Seeing the Invisible - Multispectral Imaging of Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts July 1, 2019 Read
Digital copies of the Rossi, Ansaldi and Caetani Yemeni manuscript collections now available in vHMML Reading Room February 27, 2018 Read
HMML awarded a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for vHMML 3.0 August 2, 2017 Read
HMML’S Malta Study Center Completes Digitization of Malta Collection at the Catholic University of America Rare Books and Special Collections October 11, 2016 Read
HMML’S Malta Study Center Begins Digitization Partnership with the Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti February 18, 2016 Read
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library Awarded $4 Million Grant from Arcadia Fund September 21, 2015 Read
HMML Receives Major Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation April 14, 2015 Read
HMML Digitizes Timbuktu's Historic Manuscript Collections March 31, 2015 Read
HMML Urgently Working to Save Manuscripts in Iraq, Hopes for Safety of Collections in Syria March 17, 2015 Read
HMML’S Malta Study Center Begins New Digitization Project at the National Archives of Malta December 10, 2014 Read
HMML Receives Grant from Prince Claus Fund to Digitize Timbuktu Manuscripts February 17, 2014 Read
HMML Returns to Mali to Digitize Manuscripts from Timbuktu Library December 23, 2013 Read
HMML Completes Armenian Manuscript Project in Aleppo, Syria May 3, 2012 Read
HMML Awarded $3 Million Grant from Arcadia Fund September 6, 2011 Read
HMML Begins First Manuscript Preservation Project in Jerusalem February 1, 2011 Read
Where We’re Working – L’viv, Ukraine December 12, 2009 Read

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